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Association of Surgical Technologists
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Message From the President. My name is Rasheedah Bilal- Sanders CST/ CSFA, and Id like to welcome you to the Maryland State Assembly of the Association of Surgical Technologists. We work very hard as surgical technologists, sacrificing much in the field, day in and day out, but sometimes we may get to feeling that we are on an island and not supported in the way we believe we should be. Please know that you are not alone. We recognize all that you do as an seemingly overlooked force to be recond with in your OR!  We are building and working within AST going on 50 years now  to build each other up, promote,  support each other and recognize our achievements. Also, we are supporting legislation and connecting with other organizations that support us and uplift the surgical technologists and all that we stand for. 

In the Maryland state Assembly, one of our priorities are providing biannual educational workshops for our members and non member, surgical technology students and nurses for continuing education in keeping with our standards as Certified Surgical Technologists. With your help will continue to do so. Our membership here in Maryland is now over 500 strong and growing every day and our national body has over 80,000 members. Join hands with us and lets march together into our future. Only WE can make things better for US! Our patients are our priority!!   
 To find out how you can join please go to or contact us via e mail at for questions or comments.
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Registration is now open for Spring 2019 MDSA workshop and Elections!!! 
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Door FEE $80 (until all seats are filled)

Members please remember to bring your AST member ID so you can vote.
See you Saturday!
No Refunds 30 days from workshop (ie. 2-23-2019) / Your Registration Can Be Used For A Future Workshop After Refund Date If You Cannot Attend
Current Spring Workshop Agenda as of 2/6/19- subject to change
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Who are We?
The Association of Surgical Technologists Maryland State Assembly aka AST MDSA, promotes team work, and participation to promote education,  recognition, and information; all with the goal of supporting surgical technologists and most importantly serviing our surgical patients.  The AST MDSA is a non profit organization consisting of over 500 members of Certified Surgical Technologists, aka CST's, across the state of Maryland. We are a part one of the largest national medical organizations in the USA called AST, with over 80,000 members coast to coast.  AST MDSA is governed by AST and state bylaws. We hold elections for our board at our spring meeting every March. We have a board of directors who facilitate and serve our members and many committees that assist. AST MDSA advocates legislation for surgical technologists to graduate from an accredited school and become nationally certified to work in the state of Maryland.  Come to one of our bi annual meetings and find out more about what MDSA has in store!   
Whos behind the mask?
Before the surgery we are on your case making sure everything is prepared for whatever comes our way. We are there from start to finish no matter how many hours it takes. When stuff hits the fan, we know what the surgeon needs before he says it and at the end of the case we take precautions so that nothing is left inside the patient and afterward when everyone leaves the room we are often the last ones standing. We advocate for the patient during surgery when the patient is not aware of whats going on. We are the smooth operators!  We get little recognition but we put our patient first every single case.
Know whos behind the mask? " Maryland Certified Surgical Technologists, aka CST's, are highly skilled professionals who care. Please dont have surgery without one"